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Pat and Oscar, Dalston

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I have an eleven month old golden retriever and when he was about three months old I took him to classes at St Aidan’s Church, Carlisle with Brian. After the six lessons Brian though it would be a good idea for Oscar (my retriever) to have individual lessons and introduced me to Ruth to fix these up.

Ruth came to my house and was extremely understanding and patient with Oscar. She is a very caring person and Oscar responded well to the lessons. He is a very boisterous dog and needs a firm hand and Ruth controlled all the situations very well, not letting him have his own way but nevertheless was good and fun with him. He had six lessons in total and time was of no avail to Ruth, and when Oscar didn’t respond she was very patient with him and got there in the end.

All in all I found the lessons very positive and although he is by no means perfect (are any dogs?) he is one hundred percent better than he was before he had the lessons. Well done and thank you Ruth.
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